With decades of experience in design and construction litigation, we are recognized as leaders in our field.  We specialize in disputes involving defective building materials, water intrusion, and delay claims. In contract negotiations we use this expertise to help you control risk.

We get excited about solving complicated problems on big projects and also love to make your small pesky problems just go away. The point is, we understand your pain and we help put an end to it. We work with you to quickly figure out what is going on and then agree on a plan to achieve the best solution.

Continuing education is key.  We are better lawyers by keeping ahead of developments in risk management, construction technologies, and industry practices.  We freely share our knowledge by teaching because helping others is a mark of good service. Our most valued training is a risk mitigation module for jobsite foremen and superintendents.  This bottom-up approach highlights to your people the legal and business risks involved, provides them with practical tips, and helps improve the overall quality of your projects.   

Aggressive representation is always delivered with a watchful eye on the relationships that matter most to your business.  We know that your opponent today may be your ally tomorrow. This blend of expertise and business acumen allows us to help you navigate complex claims to achieve sound results.

We take the same approach to handling job-site accidents and other significant injury claims. Years of negotiations and trial experience have reinforced the importance of constant learning. We dive into the facts of your case, identify every strength and reveal every weakness. By looking at your case — and their case — from all angles we figure out the best strategy to win. This approach also get your case settled on the most favorable terms.